Best Time to Look at Real Estate

Best Time to Look At Real Estate

Thinking about buying a home? Spent hours online looking and think you have found a few winners? There is one thing you must do before writing an offer...

View the Home After a Rain Storm!

Yes, waterfront properties are a premium, but not when it comes from rain and sits in your yard. On beautiful sunny days, homes look their best. After storms, you get to see the home at its worst. Is the home in a low lying area? Does the yard drain well or is there standing water? In our neighborhood, houses on one side of the street drain well and the other side of the street have standing water for days. Needless to say we bought on the dry side.


So before you buy your next house, be sure to drive around the neighborhood the day after a big storm and see how well it drains compared to other homes and communities. Click here to search for homes!

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