Sanibel Farmers Market

SanibelSanibelFarmersMarket Farmers Market

Every Sunday    8AM-1PM
October 2, 2016 – May 28, 2017
Closed Christmas Day, but open the the next day (Monday) for make-up.
Open Easter Sunday

Sanibel City Hall - 800 Dunlop Rd

The Sanibel Farmers Market is back! It is held every Sunday from the first week in October through the last weekend in April from 8AM-1PM at Sanibel City Hall. It is the best place to buy local, fresh food and goods on the islands.

Before heading out to the Sanibel Farmers Market, there are a couple of things you should bring: CASH & REUSABLE BAGS!

Sanibel Farmers Market
Most of the vendors (if not all) only accept cash so be sure to stop by the ATM before you get out to the Sanibel Farmers Market. I suggest bringing around $50. Also, don't leave the house without reusable bags, because it is better to be green and only about half of the vendors have plastic bags. It is much more convenient to use the reusable bags!

Now, here's another great tip for the Sanibel Farmers Market: GO EARLY! The closest parking lot is at the Sanibel Public Library located at 770 Dunlop Road directly next to Sanibel City Hall. But being the closest means it is always the first to fill up. Another reason to get there early is that the popular vendors have a tendancy to run out of food. For instance, the BBQ stand at the front of the market normally runs out of food by around noon.'

Here is a video from one of our visits.

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